Three young men attacked a woman at a garage off Hanley Road in Brentwood on Friday, police said.

The three suspects are accused of pistol-whipping the woman and robbing her before taking off. The incident happened at the garage near Hanley Station around 8:15 a.m.

Police said they were later found hiding bushes near the Home Depot.

The woman suffered injuries to her face.

“I like to think of this area as a safe area, but you never really know these days,” said Alex Menz who often parks in the garage.

Menz is watching her surroundings more after what happened there Friday.

“To be standing here, where a crime happened a few hours earlier today, is kind of nerve-racking,” said Sarah Hirsch.

Hirsch parks in the garage from time-to-time.

“I am kind of always cautious and always on the looking out because you never know when they might strike,” added Hirsch.

Earlier this year, News 4 showed surveillance video from another robbery at a different garage on Hanley Road. Officers said, then, three people jumped and robbed a woman there.

All were caught.

Brentwood Police tell News 4 with two similar incidents, they are working to improve safety in this area.

“We’ve met with the stakeholders and continue to patrol that area. Not only that, our partners have stepped up their game as well,” said Assistant Chief Jim McIntyre.

News 4 has been talking with Brentwood Police about the arrests in this latest attack. Officers won’t give the accused attackers’ names or ages until they are charged.

Investigators are working to learn if the trio is linked to other crimes.